Social denigration


Within certain sections of society

I see a real denigration of everything

An arbitrary mutilation of all that’s good

Defaming and defiling as if they never understood

The meaning of conscience and all its precepts

Immutable it care a whole lot less

It’s discernable to me that in this society

The antagonistic nature causes others to bleed

Those who foster hate inculcate constantly this notion

They persistently agitate to cause division an enemy

Which creates two sides locked in animosity

This section of society does not want or believe on love or peace

It just want reoccurring animosity

It makes for a sense of power in their minds

Causes varying degrees of destruction of mankind

Then they raise their heads and offer salvation

Say they can be the saviour of all nations

The impertubability that they often comes out of greed

And goes against conscious solemnity

If we are going to defeat this and grow positively

We have to learn to be our own supreme authority

Existential, consequential and arbitary

Learn to question everything

And focus on rooting out social negativity

By countering the narrative from the establishment belief

That people are best and most easily ruled when divided

Send these men and women who treat us as social periahs

Back into thd shadows and back into hiding

For standing up for goodness, kindness and what is right

Should see us become leading lights

No people to be mocked by the twisted few

Who want everyone to buy into their anachronistic views

That saw them in past times enslaving me and you

And that’s what they hunger for and what they are trying to do

Gaining mastery and superiority over us and we won’t be able to choose

Any form of future that will be decided by the corruptible few.

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