Unbreakable love


My love for you cannot be bismerched

Or defiled and defamed by those who spread jealous gossip

Our love we share is much to strong for their lies

We fell in love in the momentary meeting of eyes

Instinct told us and the universe showed us

That we are twin flames

The like of which may never come again

And they think we’re vulnerable because I won’t lock you in a cage

Gilded and golden and hidden away

I am not a believer in in controlling how you act or what you say

You’re a bird of freedom who can handle birds of prey

Who try to destroy the love that we have found

You fly among the clouds and mountains

Not stranded on the ground

And that’s because your spirit is divine and totally sound

We forged something unbreakable and that’s something I cherish

We will still be going strong long after all the gossips have perished.

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