Nature is true power but is not our enemy

Nature is true power but is not our enemy

Mankind thinks it has so much power

Go witness the sea when in storm rage

And ask yourself that question again

Can we really think we have power over nature in any way

When it can take us down a nd take us out no matter what you may say

Nature is the most powerful force on this sphere

And we are so inconsequential that is clear

Go out in the storm and feel the force of the wind

See the driving rain and and then think again

When the land on which you live is flooding

We are impotent to control or hold back nature

Yet we continue our quest to be rapers

Of all of earth’s resources out of monetary greed

And we will not stop or think of questioning this belief

So we are unbalancing our eco systems and nature destructively

And of the consequences we pay no heed

So as the ice caps melt and we witness the rising of the seas

You may want to start believing what it is we see

An increase in climate change that will effect humanity

And we will not be saved by mankinds fancy technologies

Nature took out the Fukushima nuclear power plant with ease

Nature is something we can’t defeat and it’s not the enemy

It our life support system and we should treat it with more care

Or this future will evolve and grow but mankind will not be there.

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