Mysogynistic society


We think foolishly

That women’s rights have improved massively

But Trump, Epstien, and so many more

Prove money and privilege puts you above the law

In so many places abuses continue on

Upskirting, groping and harassment the list is long

Still the establishments mysogynistic ways are prolonged

By a society that never punishes these wrongs

Until there is a hue and a cry but the victims are already great

Because individual women’s voices are silenced by the state

And it is only when the voices are many

Action is taken begrudgingly in a hope it may appease

But not because any men in power care about changing anything

Which is why it continues unceasingly

We need to put an end finally to mysogyny

Because women are more than just a sex toy thing.

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  1. People are not things, I agree Faux. Women and now even children, are being objectified and exploited, slavery actually never ended. So much programming in ads, movies and books too brainwash the majority.

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