Sussed or bust


What’s the answers, where’s the truth

These are thoughts that can obsess me and you

What does it mean when we talk about love?

What does it mean when we talk about peace?

What are the real true meanings of these?

What do you understand them to mean?

Is love something that you percieve as a deep rooted essence within you and me

Or something that represents a romantic sugary fantasy.

What is peace is it the stillness of mind the moment between two thoughts not easily defined

Or is it just the quiet we achieve within all the chaos of life all around us

That we may find in a moment while riding the bus

Ignoring all life problems wondering what’s all the fuss

Believing in what’s going on in the world is nothing to do with us

As we lose ourselves in muscis, you tube and our mobile phone lust

Tell me what you believe in do you think you’ve got life sussed

Or are you simply just waiting on the moment it goes bust.

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