Shameful adults


Shameful are the adults that see fit

To mock, bad mouth and insult a kid

For caring enough to make a stand

To try and get others too understand

That polluting, poisoning and exploiting our planets resources

Is a dangerous philosophy and is worthy of discourse

But naturally greedy corporations and some governments don’t want that

They feel the r profit margins threatened

And they will no longer be fat cats

So the slash and burn, Pollute and poison

They extinct other species and they seem to enjoy it

They plunder this earth then attack those who object

But the truth is we have to really step it up yet

Millions are marching about climate change

Greta is putting these fat cats and deniers to shame

And with the full weight of science behind us and producing facts

All those in opposition can only muster insults and hateful acts

But with thd support that there is from the intellectual factions

We will override the ignorant from distracting

The argument that this all about

We need renewable energy immediately without a doubt

And a change for thd future to sort climate change out

But it cant wait, it needs action now

Before it’s too late and mankind will fail

The heal all the destruction we caused.

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