Yo, sample my flow


Yo, my flow is great

Greater than you could ever know

I bust down on those who spread hate

While sharing love around this place

And it’s lit though it may seems boasty

Come a little closer I will show you my flow see

I give it all for passion

My love knows no bounds or ration

Think you can handle give it a try

I’ll penetrate you body as well as your mind

And put you in love filled bubble

Give me all and I’ll return it doubled

And those who live vexated lives

Can sit quietly in the corner and simply cry

Because they can’t open up to the lov and light

They don’t know to how to treat people right like I do

So get your mind and body prepared and move

Over to me so that we can get in the groove

All your needs and frustrations I’ll soothe

I’ll tempt you into things you’d never believe you’d ever do

And it’ll all be for the love and a need to unite

Spiritual connections and rediscovering ties

And having fun and happier times

While the greedy, hateful few just waste their time

In a world of toxic greed and negativity.

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