She built a castle


She lived within a castle

In a tower beyond reach

Hoping to be saved by some brave heart

Who would see her plight and climb up

Scale the walls just like a white night

And free her from this lonely life of exile

But the castle wals were ones that she built

To keep out pain and hurt but the walls only kept out love

To protect her self from heartbreak

She had locked herself far to far away

To be reached by any mortal man

And though many tried they failed time and time again

And with every attempt that failed

She grew older, colder, grey and more frail

Until one day nobody came by her way

And in her castle in which she locked herself in like a jail

The light of day dimmed and the love it set sail

And her life light faded and then her sad tale

Came to an end and the castle crumbled

And with her final words I heard her mumble

I only wanted love without hurt and pain

I only wanted sun I didn’t want the rain

She never really saw it could not be that way

Sometimes you have to take risks

To seize the love and nourish on the fruit of it

And if it turns out sour then so be it

But you’ll survive and get over this

Yet in the end you’ll know what it is to live

Outside the walls of self imprisonment

Of the castle walls you built to hold love in

But that actually love out because the walls were beyond scaling or breaking.

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