Wretched little life


Wretched little ideologies

Where people deny others equality

A life full of discrimination

Choked with judgementalisation

I wonder how bitter and painful you are

I wonder how much you have gone through

To be so twisted and so hateful

It makes me so very grateful

To be filled with so much love and light

While you toil within your wretched little life

But know I am a kindly soul

And I really do want you to know

I am here for you if you ever want to change

If you want to embrace all that’s good

Positivity and compassion, these traits are things we should

Manifest within the very root

Of our being, within our hearts

Seek to be uniting not tearing apart

The humanity we share with our fellow man

And you can decide how to live

Simply to take and to never give

Which will define your wretched little life

And you may feel I am being harsh

But you’ll only feel cold and dwell in the dark

And happiness will be unknown to you in truth

So know that I am here for you

If you one day see that what I say is true

And reach out and take my hand with which I freely give

And know that if you do it will change just how you live

And the light will shine and your hopes will rise

You will see more clearly wrong and right

And you’ll want cast away this wretched little life

So as to embrace the pure love and warm luminescent light.

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