Little man


Lonely little man

Doesn’t understand

The quantum physics plan

And so he quickly ran

For shelter and fell into an abyss

This little man

Never too risks

Yet still he fell

And found that he was tumbling

Through a wormhole

Which walls were rumbling

Changing colours as he fell so fast

Kaliderscopic, rainbow prisms

He could make no real decisions

Falling head over heels

And spinning round like a cartwheel

Wondering where he’d land

And as he fell his luff flashed fast

Right before his little man eyes

And he was shook cked to see it was so brief

Nothing of note ever happened

He’d done nothing, well nothing that mattered

And as he watched his eyes filled with tears

He now realised he had wasted years

Held in place by all his fears

And resolved to do more if he lived

This little man had epiphanies

Saw then what life should me

Being kind and living life fully

He real sed he needed to take as ome risks

Look out for any opportunities

Be humble yet be cowed by no one

Resonate love and stand up strong

Manifest all the things you want

Little man realised he need not be lonfly again

And as this revelation hit home

He found himself in a nature zone

Surrounded by wild flowers and trees

Little man got too his knees

Little man was happy just to breathe

He knew he had to start changing things

This tale of little man affected me

For you see that litgkd nan is me

But I now am a man of strength gained from self belief

Now nobody calls me little man

And no one truly understands

The transformation that can happen in life

When you keep your eyes and mind wide open

When you start to realise that you only get in this home one life

So it’s vital that you make the m OK St of it and live it right

Believe me this is good little man advice

Always live in love and shine a light.

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