From Lazlo with love


Living life in a state of chaos

Is not always what it seems

There are certain elements of this

That still have underlying patterns

So even in the chaos there can be order

And the effect that it has in one place can be different somewhere else

This to me is so remarkable

And they say if we had no government

Chaos would naturally follow

And for a short time I don’t doubt that to be true

But in the course of all this chaos

Sustainable thinking would come through

And new patterns of living life would appear within self rule

And collective thinking and unity would be woven like a web

A network of human actions that coalesce

And from brand new beginnings rising like a phoenix from the ashes

The Akeshic mind comes through

And out of the quantum vacuum the metaverse is a conduit

Of everything that’s past and present

And is everything that exists

Within the altered state of consciousness and precognition

And creates the holographic universe of premonition

And all things change but not the fact that order finds a way

Even out of chaos but in words from leaders so depraved

They instill within us order is only good when governed

And only fear and end times can come from this crumbling

But how do we no this is true we know no better

Mankind will always find someway to come together

Take away the districtions and all the divisions

Take out all the hate and offer survival living

And a pattern of order will be created within combined conscious thinking

And unity to rebuild a new will become the new imperative

Regardless of gender, race or class a network will become created

And being slaves to a system will become archaic and outdated

As we step into the shoes of being self masters and self appointed Gods

Through a new self found belif and out of chaos we may find

A better way of living rooted within our spiritual minds

And love and light will come to the fore

And give birth to a new dawn

And as the butterfly flaps its wings in one place

A hurricane is caused and felt in another

So all our actions throughout life cause effects to others

So when we flap out angel wings of love and kindness in this place

It can cause a tidal wave of compassion in another place

And altered state of human consciouness

That will manifest a state of peace and grace

In which we can live in better ways than we do today.

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