Save the planet you know its right


Save the planet

And all species on it

Save the environment

Trees, air and sea

We can’t rely on governments

We can’t believe those who lead

The media spreads misinformation and lies

Save the planet because you know its right

There is no planet B so what will be left for you and me

When everything has been destroyed

By ignorant thinking.

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  1. Saving the planet always begins with each of our own minutest actions. Every moment we must do our personal best, not to “look good” politically but to act well for nurturing and sharing the planet. I believe some politicians do this, just like any of “us” (artists, poets, educators, healers, fellow human beings, global citizens, etc.). In fact, I believe “they” are “us” too.
    Thanks for your planetary poetry 🙏🌿💛
    And thanks for all your early support of my blog 🌱🌻 🌲

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