A Web of intrigue and suprise


Those lips you kiss with the disguise

A whole web on intrigue and suprise

She met this young handsome guy

She went home with him and spent the night

It was amazing he hit all the right spots

Made her writhe and moan and shd could not stop

She as good as she got underneath, behind but ended up on top

It’s safe to say that her night was hot

She arrived home early afternoon

Kids were out and her husband sat in the living room

How good was your night he asked with a smile

She sat astride his lap and kissed him fir a while

Before saying I will tell you while you right here right now take me

He said every detail I want to hear please

She said maybe I will if you satisfy me

She was such a sensual tease

He took her there and then until she reached her peak

And as the made love shd told him everything

And it drove him crazy

This was his way, she knew it was what he needs

And she was only to happy to keep him appeased

And it satisfied her sexual hunger and her lustful greed

And it resulted in two people living a life that was happy.

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