Am I expecting too much


God said let there be light

Shakespeare said something wicked this way comes

Maybe the saw climate change coming

Maybe they saw the last sunset

Knew the date of our final dawn

Maybe light follows humanities extinction

Maybe mankind is the wicked thing coming this way

Maybe we don’t see that in all our decadence this earth dies

In our cushy little social sphere

Of celluloid and social media illusion

Wrapped up in self delusion

Recycling our rubbish while driving 4×4’s

You ain’t saving this planet, you ain’t saving shit

You’re just easing your consience pretending to do your bit

You don’t see that the blue touch paper has been lit

It’s all about you, not future generations

It’s all about you and your synthetic gratifications

You have no clue about desertification

No interest in global environmental salvation

As leaders and governments divide us all nation by nation

We need unification, centered around the mobilisation

Of people who care and want to live in peace, light and love

I don’t see this as expecting too much.

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  1. Dang. I drive a 4×4 and recycle. Wow. Never looked at things in that light. Great comments. I tried public transportation. Nope. Not my forte! Little vehicle make me feel unsafe. I do cost though. Lol. Not a lead foot. This is one point that stood out to me as it touched my everyday.

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