From the bottom I’ve grown


I don’t do confrontation

No reason for any altercations

I’ve come from the bottom

And I am still there

But only in living standards

But in personal growth

I’ve e come along way

My thinking has changed

I don’t see that violence is the way

It’s a reaction based on ignorance

When intelligence fails

It’s a negative response when frustration sets in again

I don’t think with my fists

I use my God given mind

To overcome all obstacles in life

And I have found that over time

Being thoughtful, considerate and kind

Gets me further that committing crimes

I got nothing to prove, like trying to show I am a man

I don’t need no longer to drink until I can no longer stand

I’ve never hit a woman, I am not into discrimination

I come from a place though like this and it’s an understatement

To say I walked away from this life and mentality

Because it offended my views on everything

I live a life now based on Discovering the truth

Of deep understanding and from reading books

and not just appearing to give deep intelligent looks

I am real, I am authentic, I come from the streets

But I have developed and I’ve grown

And refuse to be a sheep that’s led by the media and the system

That tries to define who we should be

I am a fucking subvert and a rebel

With a mind that is free.

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