I failed


I have been a fool,

I have been a joker,

I have given you all my best lines,

I have given you what you wanted,

Or what I thought you needed,

I have been a rascal and a scoundrel

And in all of this that I have done,

I forgot to be me

And now you tell me, that is what you needed me to be

And I failed.

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  1. Replied the imagined muse, to the shepherd poet:
    โ€œItโ€™s me whoโ€™s been the fool, the joked upon, the tool.
    All I thought was real was just an emptiness.
    I can live, but not as me, not in your world, you see.
    With you I can but only perfect be. And in your world you are the only judge. The judged-upon is me.โ€

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