Times are changing


Global warming

Danger warnings

Paradigm shift maybe dawning

Questioning what governments say

They’ve seen how the people want change

The wise ones are getting on board

But the others are backing the corporate boards

Change now is inevitable

We need to plan a new timetable

Moving to renewable energy

We won’t change things by just planting trees

But it can begin with stopping the Slashing, chopping down and burning

The market place has to start turning

Stop buying products that perpetuate the peoblem

Turn to the products that will help them

Start becoming more consciously aware

They use fear but don’t be scared

So many are mobilising thats the truth

See the protest numbers, there’s the proof

As the worlds people need to clean up our act

See the pollution in the rivers and seas for the facts

See the fly tips littering the streets

And the waste that humanity is creating

Start to look to yourself and start evaluating

How it is we live and is it conducive

To ensuring a healthier, cleaner environment in which to live

And will it go some way to help reducing greenhouse gases

We are soon to be the voices

Not of the few but of the masses now.

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