Your feed, feeds others



Love me,

Put it on my feed

Our relationship

Needs to be seen

Post on social media

Then act suprised

When others try to break you

By gossip and by lies.

Why post relations

On the internet

Best thing to do

Is keep it to yourself

Or the fact is it looks

As if you are attention seeking

You give others a voice for speaking

About your relationship

That should be private to you

Always use your head

Don’t give others a chance to hurt you

And your love.

4 responses »

  1. True love, honest love, and ultimately non-covetous love, needs no hiding; also no showing off. Attacks on honesty and vulnerability are a rare but unfortunate side effect of sharing personal stories. The question is, how to react? Engage, and attempt to do peaceful battle, and/or (re)conciliation… or ignore? Or… call in the reserves? (Or perhaps try each, in its own turn, if and when it seems necessary.)

    Very thought-provoking material, as always!

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    • Thank you very much for reading, love is what it is, and true love shines outwardly with no effort. It requires no promotion. True love is strong to withstand all onslaught. Love cannot be forced when not real and will falter if fake.

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      • Thanks very much for your response… I agree… except for the parts about effort and never faltering. I think true love does sometimes take a great deal of effort, and even true love falters, if it’s manifested through humans… no one is perfect all of the time.

        Let’s say for example that the Dalai Lama is someone who consistently practices true love. Even he must have moments where he’s “just not feeling it.” And this is someone with a huge support system (in exchange, of course, for huge responsibility).

        I believe true love is a practice; sometimes a very tiring one. But worthwhile! 🙏😊


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