Reject the hating


There are people hating out there

These kind of people they do not care

they enjoy violence, guns and warfare

These type of people do what we wouldn’t dare

Ideologies that we’d never share

That’s why it’s vital we connect to love

Give it an overabundance it can never be enough

Stand up for peace in the face of their violence

Refuse to push us into fear and silence

Wicked are their ways and hateful intent

We choose to turn our backs on this out of common sense

We choose unity and a connection so intense

That we share the power of higher frequencies

Leaving behind the war like belief.

So fill your days with love and light

Refuse violence and the urge to fight

All come as one and be as one

Share the spiritual life and keep moving on

And keep the love flowing in the sun

Make love your power and your number one.

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