New Year message


Another year comming to an end

A new year dawning sadly tainted,

By the way society is becoming

But I still live my life without umbridge,

Choosing to be kind, rather than being right

But being kind within this life,

Will always turn out to be inspired

While those who do wrong never see any light,

Yet from the shadows and the dark

They still believe that they are in the right

And they’ll hurt just prove their point

But I’ve learnt if you try to educate them they won’t,

Listen to anything that you have to say,

So why waste your time and energy on them anyway

Your just wasting words and waisting your breath

But I still wish them all the best,

Because in this new year we have to learn to forgive and forget

With our enemy we must learn to break bread.

So make this new year, one of new cheer

Not one rooted in divisions and fear,

Hold kindness to your heart so dear

Make love the way it should appear,

A manifestation of everything that’s good

Happy new year to all and everyone, regardless of your neighbourhood.

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  1. I love your poem and could not agree with you more “Hold kindness to your heart so dear
    / Make love the way it should appear”. Thank you for sharing truth, wisdom, and love!
    Happy New Year filled with blessings, health, and happiness!

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