I write….


I write from my heart

I try using my head,

I write about love

Because it flows through my blood,

People say it’s outdated

And I will never get on,

So how is then

Everyone craves a love song,

To many promote war, hate, division and fear

And greed is the new vibe that’s clear

But I don’t subscribe to any of this

So why would I choose to write it

To earn some kind of lucrative bucks

I’ve never had money anyway

So why would I give a fuck

The odds are stacked against me

But I’ll stay true to me

And firm to my beliefs

So I will continue to write about love, kindness, peace and equality

Because all these things, well they mean much more to me

Like cleansing our world environmentally

For future generations, so that they can live healthy

In a world that nurtures nature

And that turned its back on greed

So let’s get planting these seeds

Writing these messages are really pleasing and most important to me.

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