Communing with nature

Communing with nature

At the headland of the coast

Muted in Jurassic memory,

The wind blew all around me

The cliff crumbling right under my feet,

The dark clouds rolling in from the horizon

The power of the sea drowning out words I may speak,

But here I stand defiently in still of mind and heart

And here I stand on strong legs,

Witnessing nature’s forceful art

In mindfulness I reach outward,

And feel it’s passionate splendour

Desperate and frustrated how much it had been plundered

I let my consciousness engage with nature,

The earth, the wind, the sea,

I communed with all that is

And asked forgiveness for our terrible ills,

And in my peace and breath by breath

I felt myself and nature connect,

Now the ground rumbles no more

And the sea was calm and the clouds opened up,

And a ray of sun broke through to give light

In a way serene, holy and divine,

And all was now once again fine

But not forever if we don’t change,

And nature will no longer listen this way

And it may be the end of days.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. Absolutely stunning poem… it didn’t show in the feed before, seemed to have been suppressed somehow… but I found it by visiting your post list, and when I first read it, was blown away. Didn’t know what adequate words to say. Have a great day β˜€οΈπŸŒŽπŸ™ 🌊✨

    Liked by 1 person

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