Three degrees hotter

Three degrees hotter

Three degrees hotter in the future

Means the world’s going to burn

Three degrees hotter

And yet we still don’t learn

Three degrees hotter

Enough for skin to burn

Three degrees hotter

Yet still not enough concern.

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  1. Ouch! I can think of several places in the country where three degrees hotter would certainly be an issue, and I imagine it will also be an issue for people who prefer cooler temperatures all year round. However, just knowing that the world may get higher temperatures will not get people’s attention until they can actually experience it themselves. Then, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some concern. And probably someone at the ready to solve what will soon become a “pain point!”

    Furthermore, I suspect, most will adjust and go back to what they consider to be more pressing matters in their immediate situations. Thanks for sharing though ’cause I had nary a clue. Now that I know I will be more mindful. Personally, I enjoy hotter temperatures, but as dark-skinned as I am already, I would prefer little more of a burn than what I have on me now. 🙂

    Happy prosperous 2020!


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