A message to those who rule


I’ve waged battles against those who tried to silence me

Tried do hard to ridicule my beliefs and I said fuck you!

I have spent do long being oppressed and downtrodden

Watched them accumulate wealth through greed and corruption

While I struggled each and every day, so what else would you expect me to say except fuck you!

You lied to me, you ruined all my hopes and my dreams

You destroy my earth in all it’s beauty, so why would I not say fuck you!

I hope you burn I hope your system collapses and that all your plans start relapsing

And that everything crumbles around your ears, I for one won’t shed no tears so, fuck you!

You’ve spent a lifetime treating us like rats, gave us no chance to fight back

But it’s time now to take out the trash, so forgive me for sounding brash but, fuck you!

And all you do, for when your final reckoning comes you are going to lose and we will all shout out in a united voice


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