Warning signs ushered in this year


What a year so far, bush fires in Australia and the US, burn nature burns at its own behest, floods in Jakarta, overwhelming villages, drown, nature drowns, what will happen next. Forty nine, Volcanic eruptions, the biggest one in Taal in the Philippines, roar nature roars, settling a few old scores. The rising seas from The Arctic ensure coastal shorelines get a battering, wave after wave, nature keeps its happening, then suddenly out of nowhere, a virus nobody could predict, Covid-19 nature’s biggest warning yet. Do we not get the message, do we not understand, there’s a message there from nature crossing every ocean, every land, are we so ignorant and arrogant we cannot hear nature’s words, symbolised in big events that effect each country around the world. It’s warning us of things to come, more powerful and destructive than we can know, telling, and it’s telling us to change our ways, before the final show, for nature can and will bring down the curtain on all humanity, if we don’t change our lifestyles, if we remain to blind to see. Do where we go from here right now is totally down to us, learn to live and nurture this earth and earn nature’s trust, or carry on exploiting it for power, money greed, and see how nature shows us the deadly seeds we sow, will end in the extinction that we will surely reap. You may call this alarmist, and you can call it fear mongering, but in the end it’s neither of these things but a sign of what is happening. Yes you can ridicule this, and call it and me what you like, but at the end of days when you’ve refused to see the light I’ll simply smile. But there is still time to bring about a change, a chance to save our souls but each of us must choose to become a climate change hero.

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      • I don’t know. It’s confusing. There’s not enough time. Um. It’s hard to explain. I didn’t read your post. No one seems to like. There’s a deer in the headlights. Again. I could go on but why would I waste our time? I hope you are capable of enteratining yourself. Plz leave me alone I have done nothing wrong. And if you don’t: Well, good humor and all that.

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