Sunset reflection


The sun sets on another melancholy day

As my thoughts get carried away,

Into the incoming evening where stars shine bright

Irridescence and filigree light fill me with delight,

As the moon shines above us in all its glory

Trivial are we with all our self created stories,

Of how we view the world and what we believe

All pale into insignificance in our miraculous galaxy,

Where we are mere pin pricks in an unending sky

Where stars may die but they may also multiply,

While we exist for just a blink on an eye

But will never know the peace and harmony passing us by,

We live our lives embroiled in the drama that is needless

The who universe could really care less,

For it contains more beauty and wonders that we can know

That’s why I pay homage to all existence when the sun sinks low.

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