Time for a new way

Standing under the stars

Face half covered by a mask,

In my black hoodie

Spray can in my hand,

Ruck sack on my back

Yes, I am a subversive,

We need to burn this world down

Simply because it deserves it,

It’s lost its way morally

And no longer knows what ethics are,

We are led by the worst people

Despots, prime minister’s and presidents,

They divide and bring out the worse in mankind

Humanities lost its way,

We need new political systems

If we are to progress today,

We need to find compassion

Fight for harmony, love and peace,

We need to fight for nature our amazing ecology

And if they aren’t going to listen

Then we all must heed the call,

Subvert the fucking cities

This is my revolutionary call,

Am I to be the only single one standing underneath the stars,

Prepped and ready for action

Writing slogans on the wall,

Building up a movement that will bring about real change

Fuck all political systems and it’s self serving little games,

As the sun goes down then we rise up

And we claim our rights and freedoms back

Muslim or Christian, gay, straight, white or black,

We need to form alliances, one big global movement

And design and rebuild new ways to live

There’s so much room for improvement,

We can teach from birth positive messages

Instead of violence, hate and greed,

For we as subverts must bring about a better world for you and me,

And as I stand here silhouetted

Against the super moon,

I cut a lonely figure but more will join me soon,

And we will save this planet and our humanity

And we will plant into this earth a new Genesis seed.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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