Lost in dreams and passion

I am caught up in a spell

Writing my heart out,

Every day and night

Pouring out emotions,

Digging deep within my soul

Reaching for that magic something,

I am caught in a spell of love

For all and everything,

I seek to inspire through

Visceral writing,

I seek to bring light with the darkness,

I pour myself like blood into

The pages like some lost fool,

Yet regrets, I do not harbour any,

Painful memories I have many,

Yet here I sit, maybe not in one piece

Each loss, each hurt took some pieces from me

Yet life is still a wonderful thing to see and breathe,

Because I take the time to stop and look around,

And without trying to sound profound,

I breathe in and absorb creations beauty

And remind myself that it is truly,

A blessing to be here

And if I can touch even, just one heart or soul,

With my awkward, impotent, hard to find words

Then I’ll have achieved much more than I could ever have known.

And as I sit alone, in the solitude of my own thoughts,

My creative imaginings,

I drift away and start to dream,

For if dreams are all we ever have, then that will be enough for me,

If I can dream of unconditional love and feel it deep within my soul,

Then a wealthier person I cannot hope to be

Writing wild and writing freely,

I love expressing myself passionately,

I may not be the best poet you’ll meet

But what you get is all me

When the ink flows I then bleed,

Onto this page of dreams

That is real home to me,

And if I am not here tomorrow,

Think and remember me in your memories,

So that I may live on in others dreams

As if in immortality,

And spread the love that burns in me

Let’s keep creating amazing dreams,

That resonate like symphonies

Among the stars where we will all be,

Sparkling our light across the endless galaxies

Of clumsy painted poetry

That always will be so dear to me in dreams.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

4 thoughts on “Lost in dreams and passion

  1. Faux, this is so beautiful and heartfelt. You are an amazing poet and you write from the heart. That love is always felt when I read your words, my friend.


  2. My heart soars to know there is another out there bleeding their self into the interweb, hoping for connection and understanding, and finding endless fulfillment and euphoria from the beautiful recognition that life is made better when we share with one another.


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