The establishment wears pinstripe suits

Sit nice and quietly

Do what we tell you to do,

Because we are the establishment

And we wear pinstriped designer suits,

And we will take away from you

When the time is right,

Your home, job and money

And we reserve the right, to destroy your life,

Because we are the bankers and the politicians

We are the wealthy and we are on a mission,

To exploit and use you anyway that we can

While laying the blame on immigration and the black man,

Because that’s our plan

So do as we demand,

Be servile and passive and understand,

Your tone you must mind,

Your place you must know,

Don’t question anything

Just go with the flow,

And allow us to thrive

While taking your rights,

Let us control, while we blight your life,

Be like good sheep and follow in silence,

For we are the establishment

And we wear pinstripe suits,

And our mission is to use and abuse that is the truth,

For it is the only truth you’ll hear us speak,

For we are the mighty and you are the meek.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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