Girl better know


He calls her his fucking bitch

Says she’s a whore and sucks his dick,

He tells her she is lucky to have him

But the truth is he’s a moron,

Who lacks any kind of respect,

Playing up to a role that he thinks makes him feel big,

He dictates the clothes that she should wear,

Made her dye her natural hair,

Because he thinks that blonds are sluttier

And her beats her, when he gets angry,

After a few to many beers

He hates blacks and states that he hates queers,

Such a nasty little man,

His character is such a sham,

He developed it from his love of rap music,

I don’t understand why it is that she would choose this

Dim witted, little pot head chav

Always got his hands on his gonads,

I guess it’s because it’s where he does his thinking,

Pot and beer is what you smell, he’s always fucking stinking,

Like his brain his attitude is shrinking and is minging.

But she follows him everywhere so close in toe

Because he’s convinced her of something she obviously doesn’t know,

That she could do so much better than him

But of herself she needs to start respecting,

And be that powerful strong feminine soul that she can be,

If only she can start to believe,

And walk away from the little boy mentality,

With his pot head, drinking chav toxicity.

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