Heavenly grace


In the silhouette and shadows

Under a canopy of stars,

I trace your journey and your beauty

I sense you figure and your form,

I watch shooting stars and comets

Astroid showers in this ebony space,

As I lay here on the bonnet of my car

I dream of your delightful class and grace,

And I wonder when you’ll visit me again

Because as I recall the last time,

You made my life seem worthwhile

I remember that you blew my mind,

It’s as if you came from heaven

With all your pure angelic ways,

Your smile, your kindness, your compassion

You lit up my darkest days,

Now I lay here and I wonder

Will you ever come again,

Or will I forever be now left stargazing

With nothing left but memories,

I wonder if all I can hope to do now

Is simply lay here and dream sweet dreams.

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