Being a guiding star


A fledgling star starts to stutter into life

Then explodes into brilliant light,

Incandescent it shines across the universe

On a lifetime quest to guide lost souls,

I’d like to be fledging star for you my friend

To shine bright enough for you to see so I can send,

Some semblance of hope and guidance for you

When you’re lost and you find yourself in a stew,

After all isn’t that what friends are for

To help in anyway and try to open up new doors,

To pick you up when you are feeling down

To show you that you can where a crown,

And be every single thing that you’ve ever wanted to be

Then maybe sometime you’ll be able to shine like me,

And be a guide and a friend to others you meet

And we will create a star system far beyond belief,

Of a multitude of people developing their humanity

Connected to each other in a star like scene,

Dotted all around this planet shining so brightly.

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