Big city lights


He was from a small town

Now he found himself,

Under the city light

He came for success,

But found life hard

And was living on the streets,

These streets he thought

We’re paved with gold,

He knows is illusion now,

So he turned to drugs and alcohol

Just so he may get by,

And I wonder if he ever dreams

Of that small place he grew up,

And if hated those city lights

That made his life corrupt,

And I have heard him say

Please lord take me away,

From everything and this,

I miss my father and my mother

But I can’t go home like this,

Then one day I saw where he lay

And he had got his wish,

One cold and lonely night

A light went out and it was his,

He died alone, maybe forgotten

And it is so sad to think,

That many more are thinking hard

To do the same as him,

But the bright lights of city life

Are not for everyone,

And I can tell you now my friend

Those streets are not golden,

They hard and they are cold

And they’re unforgiving,

So stay in your small town place

And don’t let it’s safety be foresaken,

For life is what you want to make it, wherever you may be,

You can do this in a small town, as well as a big city.

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