So let us love


There’s no reason we can’t love

The boundaries are man made,

Just limited by perception of what others may say,

But love has no limits or boundaries at all

How can you reject love when it comes and calls,

Love is the greatest gift of all

Sometimes you’ll never hear it call,

Sometimes it come when you’re not expecting it at all,

But we must embrace love,

We must be open so it can flow in,

Because love is not something that’s savoured by everyone,

So let us love, so let it flow within your being,

So let us love, and feel the freedom start to begin,

For we are not owned by anyone,

We are not a possession to be kept in a cage,

We are limited by, colour, gender, faith or even old age,

So let us love, in an indomitable kind of way,

Because the feeling of love, washes over us just like a wave,

And leaves us feeling so alive again.

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  1. Such a beautiful poem… and I agree… we (and love) “are *not* limited by colour, gender, faith or even old age,” nor ever should it/we be.


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