Debasing women kind


Some men pay with money

To make women pay with their bodies,

They use the power of cash

The oppress and it is fucking tawdry,

Perverted men expressing their depraved kicks

Women get abused and suffer due to this,

Economic, social factors driving women to their knees

Men looking for their frustrations to be eased,

Women from abuse and forced to do these deeds

Should be given priority help to get away from this,

But in a male dominated world it’s perpetuated

By men with deep depraved mother issues,

On which other women they vent their hatred,

Men who often are just one step away from being rapists,

Justify their actiond by saying they are paying,

And helping these poor women out

Without seeing the fact that these women are suffering,

Through the act that their debasing them through sex.

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