The rich and the powerful


Some walk through life, like ke they don’t care

Unwilling and refusing to ever share,

They look down on the unfortunate and the poor

Like they get what they deserve and more,

They exploit every opportunity to increase their wealth

And they don’t care about anybody else’s health,

Money is the only thing that really matters

While many starve, their wallets get fatter,

They say get to work or we will label you parasites

As the cut back every aspects of workers rights,

Working to make the rich richer as their wages are worth less

As the bills increase we all get stressed,

But those who walk through a life of being privilege

They don’t really care as they are on a quest,

To build their wealth and gain more power at our expense,

Don’t believe they won’t go to any lengths

To get their way and win the day it’s what their bred to do

To stand tall on the bodies of me and you.

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