Extremes and divides can’t heal the hurt

Extremes and divides can’t heal the hurt

Right wing, left wing

Who gives a fuck,

When people are dying

Which truly sucks,

Innocent black lives

They were doing nothing wrong,

Taken out by cops

The list goes on and on,

But where are the healers?

And the peacemakers?

Not the President

Who’s trying to rack up votes,

By representing one extreme

‘I’ll smash heads if you vote for me’,

Says Antifa are a terrorist theme

But what about the alt right

Middle aged men killing machines,

Both sides can’t conceive of a balanced path

Where we all learn the compassionate art,

Of caring for each other

And understanding,

Learning to be a little less demanding,

Why do black lives matter?

It’s because they’re under greatest threat

This is America’s greatest test,

To finally create an equal society

Where colour does count against you in anything,

Where it doesn’t hold you back

And target you for being searched,

Where being black doesn’t mean you get treated like dirt,

America needs a president that wants to unify,

That wants to strive for equal rights,

That looks to heal and not divide

That stand independent and doesn’t take sides,

So fuck the left wing extremes

As well as the far right,

I am just focused on peoples lives.

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