Apathy and misery

Is your misery caused by your apathy

Is it passive observing and your non-belief,

That causes you to attack me from the safety of your room

Behind your computer screen,

And is it why in your loneliness and solitude you scream,

Because your life doesn’t mean anything,

Because you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything,

You live a life without any meaning,

You live life without experiencing

What it is to truly live close to the edge,

You’ve never stood there on that ledge

Peering down into the deep abyss,

Truth is all opportunities you always miss,

By sitting in your room judging me and others who do more than just exist,

Get out there and live life

Witness the hardship and the strife,

The poor and the homeless blocking doors

See the dead soldiers coffins returning from some war,

See the usual black lives destroyed a little more

And animals experimented on with no real cause,

See the rich and powerful bending and breaking laws,

It appears with impunity but if we do it, we get beaten to the floor,

And end up in some prison cell

So you’re wondering why we scream and yell,

And why we’re so fucking angry,

But that’s because life passes you by, you’re sanitised against it,

The truth is you don’t understand this,

Because you have never tried to really live,

You’re to afraid to do more than exist

Or accept that you’re your own authority and won’t start to use it

As place to start and grow but instead you run and hide from this,

Your apathetic way you choose to live

Defines the misery of your existence,

But you can still change it

You can still bring sbout a personal, paradigm shift,

You just have to go out and truly experience everything and breathe it in.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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