A love so strong


Eternally tired is how he felt

Feeling old worn down by the life he was dealt,

He could no longer summon any motivation

And he felt his wife’s isolation,

Mentally and physically he felt done

But he felt for his wife who suffered all alone,

So he offered her the chance to be open and free

To find a friend who was able to ease,

All her frustrations and pent up desires

She could participate in this with out cheating or lying,

She had to confess that she had needs that she needed pleased

And she asked if she did this would their love be diseased,

But he explained it’s because he loves her so

That he wanted het to smile and happiness to be sown,

In her mind, heart as well as soul

And he she wasn’t his to be owned,

And possibly it would help them and their love grow

So he let her fly free and let her love be sown,

And everytime she did this she always came home

Lo looking happy, and satisfied  more so than he had ever known,

And true enough the relationship and love did grow

Within the tolerance and understanding that he showed,

And in return she gave respect and kept it all discreet

And there was no humiliating him for all they agreed,

She would say who and where her and her friend would meet

And he felt good that there was no secrets,

Just two people who lived each other so much

That could sample the very best of physical love and lust.

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