Dirty people


It gets harder every day

To justify why people think it’s ok,

To treat the environment this way

As I see the rubbish an litter decay,

People show no care at all,

Throwing and dropping their crap here and there

Dropping and discarding litter, I wouldn’t dare,

Does nature and beauty mean so little to them

Turning our country side and rivers into a cesspit,

Becoming breeding grounds for germs and disease

But mankind is the worst of these things,

Destroying beauty and trashing their home

It’s time to change and you alone,

Can make a difference by taking more care

So we get cleaner, land, sea and air,

We have to do this for the greater good

Take more care of our neighborhoods,

Not because we’re made to but because we should

We need a mass clean up of where we live,

A total way we look at everything

Let’s make that change and stop this lack of care,

Let’s clean out act up to protect this earth we share.

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