I wish I were an alien


I wish at times I were an alien

Not one of those twisted, fucked up homosapiens,

Of which some are still knuckle draggers

Real neanderthal stupid tea baggers,

I wish I were able just to leave here

Take off and go back into space,

And reconnect with my family

Their a part of the intergalactic race,

Travelling light years not lost in the fears

That humanity just loves to embrace,

Free and adventurous on journey of discovery

Not part of a mankind that hates colour, faith and creed,

And bases it’s advancement on war,billing and greed,

And thinks if you’re surrounded by glossy material things

Then man you really have achieved,

This kind of stunted thinking, we’ll it don’t impress me

I’d rather be roaming the galaxy,

Travelling to world’s previously unknown,

Studying what we find and learning do we can grow,

Just imagine if humans could do this,

They’d kill every fucking thing they find

So that they’re all that exists,

And you wonder why I’d rather be an alien than this,

It’s because I wish to evolve and not find a way that I can self destruct and become extinct.

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