Undermining you


We undermined by things we read on the internet,

We doubt ourselves and wonder if we need a personality check,

So to do this we go back online

Rather than study the real us inside,

And consume all the answers because Google is always right,

We’ve sacraficed ourselves at the alter of the internet

And now we worry we’re not perfect,

And that somehow we’re not the best,

We learn from this our life is lacking and instill self doubt,

And this is the stuff self hate is made of

And this makes me really want to shout,

Nobody can define you, only you can find this out,

From introspection and self study

We then learn what we’re all about,

We cannot seem to grasp the point that we’re all fucking flawed,

Now make the most of life and don’t believe you’re a failure anymore,

Make the most of this life and stop undermining yourself,

It’s not just self pitying but it’s also bad for your mental health.

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