The dark thoughts come at night, mostly


How is it that I think of you late at night

In this empty house from where you took flight,

How comes in the darkness my thoughts drift

Down into depths that I can’t lift,

Myself back up into the light

And memories they they make me choked and cry,

This house is no longer a home

It’s just a place that I dwell alone,

Since you been gone it’s just a temple of tears

It’s like a shrine full of fears,

What if I never love again?

What if I never heal from this pain?

And I know that you no longer care

You’ve got a new life and that’s so unfair,

You broke me and you broke our home

And you turned my heart to cold hard stone,

And now I sit here contemplating this

Sad over all the things I’ll miss,

Your laughter and your beautiful smile

Everything about you drove me wild,

And now you’re with somebody else

I find myself placed upon the shelf,

And it hurts and it feels so unreal

I feel punched in the stomach and winded that’s how it feels,

I am gasping for breath with no release

I can’t still my mind or find any peace,

Now I am sitting in this house of pain

In the dark of night, will I make it to the day,

Or will this night see the end of me

I can’t hold, I can’t breathe,

If I end all now surely I will be free.

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