Old punk living on hope


I am an old punk living on hope

Never felt the need for drugs to cope,

I use music and my spiritual being

To live a life I feel to be freeing,

Do things my way, I am no sheep,

I like being individual and unique

I try to be impeccable when I speak,

I don’t get vexed or down to easy

I live life doing other people kindly,

There really is not hate in me

If I don’t like you because of your toxicity,

I’ll walk a different path from you believe me

But if we’re friends I’ll go to hell and back for you

I will show great love in truth,

And I’ll expect nothing in return

Except the due respect that I have earned,

Which is why I am old punk living on hope

I use meditation and not dope to cope,

And this helps center the inner peace in me

It does the body no harm but sets the mind free.

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