Zombies and horror


It’s all about the zombies

And the bloodthirsty horror,

It’s not about the peaceful life

And it’s not about the scholar,

Movies get you watching

While on the edge of the seat,

Using fear and thrills

Which as a tactic is cheap,

It goes straight to your basic instinct

And leaves you on a high,

And if it’s really that good

Then you won’t sleep tonight.

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  1. Oh, yes, I can resonate with the feeling of that thrill/high of a scare. Only when it’s pulled off correctly, though. Excellent piece, faux. I agree with your points on how most fear tactics in movies are just plain silly or stupid. It reminds me of some of the old horror films my dad would watch–they were poorly filmed and produced, especially with unrealistic, cheap fear tactics. He loved them as unusual relics, while I just found them all funny.

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