As I stand here staring at my destiny
Screaming, shouting hoping someone can hear me
Through the darkness, pain and agony
I feel desolation washing over me.
In the night I hear no echos
Just the sound of forlorn tears
In my dream world armageddon
I feel the futility, the fear
And I know that the losing of you
Was the breaking of my soul
My heart as the sinews simply came unglued
And snapped in a way that left me naked
And washed up on the shore
Of violated imagery I had never know before.
And as the darkness descended in
Encapsulating me
I felt a wave upon my chest that made it hard to breathe.
Now I am alone
Now iam lost
Now i find myself in pergorty
With no way out
For I am forsaken
For I am breaking down
My bodies shaking
And the thought that you won’t be
back again fills me so much dread
Sends suicidal thoughts of death spinning in my head
For I know not if I am alive
For I know not if I am dead
But existing somewhere in between
That’s all that I have left.
A nowhere man
In no man’s land
Wounded on the battlefield
Of love and all it’s mines,
One careless footstep out of place and it will blow your mind
Someone hear me
Someone hear my pleas
For I am lost here
I am alone
And the darkness is drawing in
Please help me
Please here my pleas
As I fade away
Fading to grey
I just dissapeared
Here today
But then just gone.

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