Time is wasting

Time has no meaning

It’s just a concept

A construct of mind

Created by man

Nature has no boundaries 

To tie itself down

It does not feel the need to confine

Itself withing time Restraints

It’s not racing the clock

Humanity is guilty of this

And stands in the dock

Guilty of wasting it’s life 

Based around time

It develops so much stress

And it clusters the mind.

If there was no longer

Any more time and clocks

Do you think that life

Would come to a stop

Would it matter how quickly 

Or how fast things got done

Do you think it would matter

In the long run.

We would adjust and learn to live 

Like nature does

When it’s ready to happen 

Then it will be done.

No point in worrying anymore

There will be no point

Because time is just a construct

That comes from man’s thoughts.


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