Voracious lust

Try as he could

He could never satisfy her,

Or sate her needs 

or quench her hunger,

So he allowed to feast on another soul

Who ravaged he totally 

From head to toe

And she showed in return 

A real animal lust

And he saw and he heard

As they thrust making love.

And he was happy to hear her moans

And her cries

Watching he pushed down 

Then see her rise

And give as good as she gets,

To ensure its the best,

She needed so much more

Not much less

And she thanked him

In whispers and with raw passion in her eyes,

As she felt her stallion flowing inside,

From behind

And as she arched and he pulled at her long flowing hair

He witnessed the voracious animal lust that they shared

And he was happy she got sated and satisfied

And would never forget the satisfaction and pleasure in her eyes

And the face of euphoria as she hit her peak

And could only whisper for she was beyond any speech.


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