Lady on the bench

She sits there on the bench

Of our train station,

She has slept there all night 

She has nowhere else to go,

Surrounded by the bags that

Contain everything she has,

Which is no to much

And I find it so sad,

That in a wealthy society

Where so many have way too much,

That she has so little

And there is very little help,

How did she fall that far?

What is her story so far?

How did she end up here?

Does anybody notice

She is even there,

Does anyone even care?

Maybe she has certain needs,

That are health related

Maybe there are certain types of correlations,

That show what has gone wrong in her life

That’s placed her here

But someone needs to find out

But no one cares I fear.

She wears the hardness of her life,

Within the lines and grime upon her face,

She still tries hard to look the best she can,

Which is hard when your displaced,

She has not lost her sense of being,

Maybe not even her pride,

She is trying to deal with life the best way

She can, in these hard times

Why do people act like they don’t notice?

Why do people act like they don’t care?

In a world of so much to go around

Then why do we not share

And leave these people sleeping on benches,

Amidst so much despair,

Please someone tell me why is it no one cares

About these people and it’s just not fair,

As a society we should learn to care and share,

A lot more than we do right now,

Or we as a humanity are going nowhere.


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