Too much loss

Dark was the night

That that filled his life

To much historical suffering

To much use of alcohol and drugs

To suppress the abuse

To help him cope with his issues.

In this dark place

He came face to face with death

And did not fear it

Did not fear taking a last breath

And fading away

People commit suicide everyday

And yet somehow we don’t notice

Because some say they don’t let us in

But those who are most closed to us

Are the ones we should be worrying most about

Sometimes we have to pry to get the truth out

Before it’s too late and they die

Because of issues that they can’t see a way out of

And maybe it’s because of people they have lost

Another light goes out

And we all feel so helpless

Why do people lose so much hope?

Why do people end up in such despair?

What more can we do try to repair

The problems that these people have

It could be you or me

We need to find some answers

To help them release the anguish

So that they can roll the darkness back

See a glint of light

See a little ray of hope

That may just get them through

And see the truth 

That they are surrounded by people who love and need them 

And that’s so true.

It so hard to know what it is that we can do

But if we do not find answers

Many more good people we will lose.

Dedicated to the memory of

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park

Massive loss to music and the arts.

Thoughts to him and his family.


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